The Business course offers laboratory, junior company (Global Junior Consulting), multimedia and comfortable equipped classrooms, technical visits to business models companies, through trips to various places in Brazil and abroad.

Architecture and Urbanism

The Architecture and Urbanism course has an educational process committed to train professionals able to enter the labor market through practical experience concurrently with the applied theory.

Computer Science

The Computer Science course has a committed educational process in training professionals qualified to enter the labor market through practical experience, combined with the applied theory.

Biological Sciences - Bachelor

The bachelor in Biological Sciences enables the professionals to work with quality and responsibility in the all the different and possible spaces for performance of the biologist with the competencies and skills needed to practice the profession.

Biological Sciences - Licentiate

The degree in Biological Sciences forms a trained biologist to work the programs of science and biology in higher education, primary and. eco-tourism companies, technical advice to scientific and environmental materials, herbarium, growing seasons, museums, basic and applied research, in more than 150 areas of biology activity.


The course is recognized nationally due to successive concepts "A" in the MEC test, the excellent approval ratings in OAB exams and in public procurement. Noteworthy are also the qualifications of the faculty and the constant concern to train professionals able to understand and implement, with ethics and efficiency, the principles and rules that guide the Brazilian legal system.


The Accounting Course offers the opportunity to join an expanding activity, since the last five years, in the face of changes and adjustments, worldwide, the number of vacancies for accountants has increased considerably. The accountant will be able to join an activity in expansion. In addition to being a regulated profession, with specific powers and duties that guarantee market access, even during graduation. You can act as controller, expert, auditor, general accountant, certified public accountant, tributary auditor, accounting manager, auditor of the Court of Federal Revenue and INSS, and providing advisory and consultancy services to individuals and companies.

Physical Education - Bachelor

The bachelor in Physical Education ensures a critical and reflective teaching, encouraging the performance of experiments and/or research projects; implements methodologies that encourage students to reflect on the social reality and learn how to learn; articulates knowledge, know-how and know how to live, learning to live together and learning to know, as attributes necessary for the formation of the Professional in Physical Education; promotes integration, interdisciplinarity in line with the curriculum development axis, seeking to integrate the biological, psychological, social and environmental dimensions; uses different teaching-learning scenarios where students can learn and experience different living situations, organizational practice and work in multi-professional team; provides active student interaction with the beneficiaries and professionals of Health, Education and Sports, from the beginning of their training, providing students to experience real problems.

Physical Education - Licentiate

The course of Physical Education aims to develop skills and competencies for a significant role in Basic Education. The education program of this course aims to train professionals in the field of physical education, as specialist in profiling the knowledge of human movement, in its various forms and goals, with competence and ability to: plan, coordinate, supervise, manage, streamline and run programs, plans and education projects, participate in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary teams, technical-scientific and pedagogical reports all in the area of Physical education.


The nursing course enables major changes, achievements and dreams either in history, in university or in people's life. Where innovative strength, personal growth, accountability and excellence in people are the foundations of this story of success, which enable the nursing course achieve its goals, cooperating to achieve the mission of the Integrated Regional University of High Uruguay and Missions which is form ethical and competent personnel, inserted in the regional community, building knowledge, promoting culture, the exchange programs, the search for human appreciation and solidarity.

Civil Engineering

With a workload of 4.080h, one of the broadest and full curriculums in the area, Civil engineers graduated by URI do not develop its capacity only in the technical area, but integrates the management and planning of its main activities in high management positions of public or private companies. The professional develops the ability to lead groups, due their a solid basic training and analytical reasoning. Moreover, it is also desirable a critical sense to deal with the complex contemporary issues because they involve numerous variables from various topics. These characteristics are highly sought in the labor market. Civil engineering is associated with technology and the result of that are the multi-task positions.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering professionals graduated in URI may act in the planning, management, supervision and maintenance of machinery and electromechanical devices in production lines, quality control equipment and electromechanical devices and power electronics, in addition of acting in the management of electrical process systems, use of materials, electromechanical equipment and safety procedures, coupled with environmental awareness.


Nutrition is the science that offers a new vision, which has been fulfilling the paradigm of post modernity, pursuing the understanding of the whole and dealing with the man, integrally, educating him and arousing awareness of his role in constructing the best quality of life.


URI glimpses the formation of a physiotherapist with differentiated profile, with skills to work in comprehensive health care, forming professionals working in public and private health, with competence, humanist vision, ethical attitude and innovation.

Languages - English

The English Language Course objective is the formation of ethical professionals, interculturally competent for the use of English as a foreign language, with the ability to interact with equity in different socio discursive contexts.

Languages - Portuguese

The proposal of URI's language course is justified in view of the need for professionals, legally qualified for the teaching practice and expertise for the social, linguistic and literary interactions in the context of interpersonal relations, cultural, commercial, economic, historical and other social interventions processes. Professional training of the Portuguese Language and Literature teacher, turns to the recognition, identification and appropriation of genres and literary art as communicative activities and forms of social action, excelling by subjective and aesthetic aspects for reflection about the world and about things of the world.


Form a competent professional, with capacity and creativity that really takes its commitment to society in teaching and spreading mathematics, keeping up to date in order to innovate, capable of producing research, participate and promote scientific and technological advance in their region. The mathematician may act in the labor market as a teacher of mathematics in primary and secondary schools. It may also exercise functions in companies or financial organizations, activities that require math skills.


URI's Pharmacy Course, with the support of the faculty, highly qualified, forms a pharmaceutical professional with technical qualities, scientific capacity to learn and create, the spirit of organization and leadership to be also an administrator and have the sensitivity to human issues, which are the center of all its action universe. The student will be a complete professional, which is at the same time, a student, a technician, a scientist, able to act within the pharmaceutical sciences in the exact size that they occupy in the relationship of humanity with the universe that it comprises.


Acting in teaching, organization and management systems, in schools and popular educational experiences is the commitment of the pedagogue, enabled to act in Nursery Education, Primary Education and the Management and Educational Training (High School). This professional is able to diagnose problems and provide solutions in the field of school and non-school, like hospitals, businesses, community organizations, research in human resources, advice on educational issues, management in community organizations, adult education, prison education and special education.


The URI's Psychology Course offers academic generalist training, it means that opting for this course, the student will experience, either in theory and / or practice, their future profession in different aspects, such as: Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Psychology of Work, Organizations and School Psychology. In this perspective, they will act with special attention to health, being able to perform psychological interventions in prevention, promotion, protection and rehabilitation at individual and collective level. The opportunities of having these experience begin with the practices of the profession with the college subjects and later with the internships, with research and extension projects.

Industrial Chemistry

The Industrial Chemistry course aims to form qualified people to meet the market demand of these professionals. Enabling them to work in various activities related to the various sectors of the chemical industry in general (food, paints, fertilizers, petrochemical, metallurgy, textiles, etc.), research institutions, service agencies, municipal and state environment offices or related agencies.

Agricultural Technology

The course of Agricultural Technology prepares professionals for planning, organization, production and marketing of plant and animal products, with high quality through the use of local resources, the adoption of technologies that respect the human being and nature, with views to the industry or to qualified markets.

Twenty-three Post Graduation Latu Sensu courses.

Post Graduation Program Stricto Sensu in Education, concentration area in Education, Master level.

Post Graduation Program Stricto Sensu in Languages, concentration area in Comparative Literature, Master level.

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